Gathering together has always been an essential component of human community. From huddling around a fire with a few members, to dancing in crowds of thousands, it is in our nature as pack animals to share experiences with one another. Hundreds of Music & Art Festivals today bring together a staggering amount of people, to enrich their lives with enlightenment from every source.
When the music stops, and attendees have cleared, often what remains of a festival is the by-product of massive hyper-consumption. The work to protect the environment and make a positive impact should be considered the most important; if the venue site is damaged or the surrounding community is negatively impacted, the future of celebrating  music and art is subsequently threatened.
Two Feathers Collaboration is working on a feature-length documentary that aims to educate through entertainment. Starting in 2018, the storyline visits dance floors throughout history and the modern world, to explore the positive solutions implemented in the event community and offer motivation and inspiration to future participants. Gathering interviews from top producers, world class artists, insightful attendees and sustainably oriented organizations, the story closely follows the important hard-work of environmental initiatives. 

Currently, the project is in the post production phase.

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Preserving Big Sur

Centrally located between Los Angeles and San Francisco sits Big Sur, a seventy mile stretch of absolute epic beauty. Every year, millions of visitors traffic their way through this small community - the lack of appropriate infrastructure creates dangerous congestion, waste management issues, and other public safety threats; the infrastructure that exists along the highway is simply not enough to support the tourist population that increases annually with the direct advertisements focused around the beauty of Big Sur. Calls for action to county and state officials have been going on for decades, yet the inadequate infrastructure, advertising policies and resource management stays the same. 
- In 2020, we created a short film to highlight some of these issues.
- In 2021, the Community Association of Big Sur hired us to gather more information to assist their appeal to county officials.
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Treebones Resort

Treebones Resort is a unique glamping experience located in beautiful Big Sur, California that hosts thousands of guests a year from all over the world. Treebones is an example and living proof of a successful business maintaining sustainable choices. They make business sacrifices and alterations to their existence to minimize their presence on the land. They encourage their guests to live more simply so that they may return home with more awareness of their footprint.  
Everyday they choose to ‘perch lightly on the land’.